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25/02/2016 - Novelties

I AM Water

I AM Water

I am the source of everything. At Avène, I have built all that surrounds me. There, they take care of me, as one takes care of a loved one. And with all my strength, my purity and my attributes, I am here to transfer my power.

Avène thermal spring water is a gift of nature. the way we care for it is synonymous with the way we care for your skin.

Both water and skin have much in common - immensely fragile, yet strong, worthy of our utmost respect, and, at their very core, the capacity for regenerations.

Intensely soothing, Avène thermal spring water is the foundation of a range of skincare products cherished around the world, a rich treasure that forms a powerful connection between earth and humankind.

Click here to visit our dedicated page for I AM Water and learn more about our precious natural resource!


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