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How to develop the best moisturizer in the world? By recreating a perfect model, that of the eye!

Eye hydration is crucial, because it’s a sensitive organ that, like facial skin, is in constant contact with the exterior, subject to the effects of dry air, and exposed to the wind, to pollution and to the sun. Unlike the skin, however, which is poorly prepared, the eye has an incomparable advantage: the lacrimal (tear) film. This is sufficiently sophisticated and effective to ensure the eye remains perfectly hydrated at all times. A physiological feat that has served as inspiration to Avène Dermatological Laboratories.

A hydration mechanism that runs like clockwork

So what is the secret behind this infallible hydration module?
It owes its effectiveness to 4 elements of the lacrimal film, the liquid covering the surface of the eye:
1. The tears, which hydrate.
2. A protective film that prevents the tears from evaporating. This is called the “meibum”, the equivalent of sebum but in the eye.
3. A compound that creates a link between the protective film and the tears called lipocalin. By interposing itself between the tears and the meibum, it ensures their adhesion and also the integrity of the tear bath.
4. Mucin, which allows the tears to spread evenly over the entire surface of the cornea with each blink of the eyelids.

It is these four, perfectly coordinated, actions that satisfy the eye’s need for permanent hydration.

A patented formula

For Avène Dermatological Laboratories, the eye and the lacrimal film naturally became the ideal model in their search for the perfect hydration system, a source of inspiration for skin moisturizers. Mission accomplished, with the development of a dermo-cosmetic formulation capable of providing “optimal hydration” for the skin, flawless, like that of the eye.
1. Avène thermal spring water in place of tears.
2. To replicate the 2 key proteins, mucin and lipocalin, a mixed active: Lipomucine®. This optimizes first the penetration of Avène thermal spring water, then its diffusion in the skin.
3. Designed in the image of meibum, Meibosérine is capable of recreating the stable and continuous protective film that stops water from evaporating.
By recreating, point by point, the eye’s hydrating and protective system, these 2 patented active ingredients combined ensure the perfect bioavailability of Avène thermal spring water and optimal hydration of the epidermis, in less than one month.

21 days later: hydrated skin

The formula developed and patented by faithfully reproducing the system in play at the surface of the eye corrects the hydration deficit in the first two hours after application. Thanks to this continuous and dynamic water supply, skin is intensely and durably hydrated once more. After 21 days of this regimen, with applications once or twice a day, the skin is hydrated and soothed4.

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