Gamme Couvrance

A corrective product line to “play” with colors in order to correct all types of skin flaws.

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  • Cleanse skin carefully.
    - Apply a make-up base adapted to skin sensitivity.

    - Neutralize imperfections with the Concealer stick:
    • apply this concealer by dabbing with the tip of your finger using small amounts on the area to be concealed. A fine pen should be used on scars.
    - Even out skin tone with a Fluid Foundation Corrector or a Compact Foundation Cream
    • Heavy make-up tends to increase contrasts, draw attention to the face and increase the sensation of concealing.
    • Always use small quantities of make-up since it is easier to add more than it is to remove excess.
    • Add a layer of Fluid Foundation Corrector or Compact Foundation Cream, dabbing gently to avoid removing concealer.

    - Correct localized imperfections using the Concealer Pen.
    Apply the tip of the pen directly to the area needing correction (dark circles, small scars and dark areas). Blend by dabbing with your finger.

  • Set and sculpt your make-up: Apply powder using a large brush. To apply, brush your entire face horizontally and vertically to properly set your foundation or tinted cream.

    - Create a radiant look:
    • by applying make-up to your eyelids: use different colors available in the Mosaic powders.
    • by applying make-up to your lips: using an Eyebrow Corrector Pencil (Duo Lip and Lip Contour), trace the contour of your lips, reshaping the areas to be corrected, then fill in the inside of your lips. Use layers to intensify the color or to get more coverage.
    • by applying make-up to your eyebrows. Choose the shade that corresponds to the color of your eyebrows. Apply the Eyebrow Corrector Pencil using small lines in the midst of the eyebrow or at the base. Blend with the tip of the brush.

    - Get longer-lasting make-up by spraying a light mist of Avène Thermal Spring Water onto your face.

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Correct and unify the complexion

Sublimate the complexion

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