Anti-aging radiance ritual

A few wrinkles and lines here and there, loss of tone and elasticity, uneven skin texture, loss of radiance... These are the signs of age: time to take action!
Anti-aging radiance ritual
A few wrinkles and lines here and there, loss of tone and elasticity, uneven skin texture, loss of radiance... These are the signs of age: time to take action!

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    Micellar lotion

    MORNING AND EVENING: don't forget to cleanse! Whether or not you use make-up, cleansing is the first beauty step of every skin care ritual to maintain radiant, healthy skin and preserve balance. Use the MICELLAR LOTION if you have sensitive skin: apply it to your face, eyes and lips with a soft cotton pad. This no-rinse product provides gentle, refreshing care in one simple step.
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    Avène Thermal Spring Water spray

    Spray a light mist of AVÈNE THERMAL SPRING WATER with its soothing and anti-irritating properties.
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    Gentle purifying scrub

    Use the GENTLE PURIFYING SCRUB once or twice a week to reveal a radiant complexion. It gently exfoliates for visibly more luminous skin.

    Tip: For greater gentleness, begin by moistening your face with the AVENE THERMAL SPRING WATER SPRAY.
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    Hydrance UV LIGHT Hydrating Cream

    The second step in your hydration ritual is to apply LIGHT or RICH HYDRANCE OPTIMALE UV CREAM. Your skin is hydrated and protected with an SPF 20, which is the first step in anti-aging care!

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    Réflexe solaire SPF 50+

    Prevention: a must!
    Preventing photo-aging means using sun protection, i.e. being constantly careful about sun exposure. Be sure to have REFLEXE SOLAIRE on hand!

    Advice: Remember to protect your skin when in the sun for long periods, even in the city (sitting outside a café, playing in the park with children, walking through gardens).

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    Mosaic powders

    Use NATURAL GLOW MOSAIC POWDER as complementary care to illuminate your complexion during the day and to add an instant healthy glow.
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    While you sleep, correct wrinkles and loss of elasticity to reveal a radiant complexion. You can apply YSTHEAL ANTI-WRINKLE EMULSION to your face and neck if you have normal to combination skin, or YSTHEAL ANTI-WRINKLE CREAM if your skin is dry to very dry.

    Did you know? It's at night that our skin is regenerated most, so it's important to apply an anti-wrinkle cream in the evening to effectively prevent skin aging.

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    Finally, don't forget those fragile areas where signs of aging show up first: the contours of your eyes and lips. Put a small amount of YSTHEAL EYE AND LIP CONTOUR onto the tips of your fingers then apply the cream by dabbing gently and concentrating on the crow's feet.

    Tip: To optimize the smoothing effect on deeply marked areas, hold the skin between your index and middle finger and massage gently with the ring finger of your other hand.

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